For years, I have always been aware of the latest tech and how to shave precious minutes, keeping clean aero bikes was a real advantage to achieve that goal. In my first real aerodynamic test, SpeedEdge has put those advantages/disadvantages into the paper using the latest testing tools. After the first round of tests, I look forward to further analysing race situations, body positions, equipment and even bikes.
It was clear that SpeedEdge Performance knows what they are doing and understands the advantages and drawbacks of each piece of equipment and what to expect in each run and to build the best protocols to easily become faster.

Sérgio Marques

2022 AG 40-44 Long Distance Triathlon European Champion

SpeedEdge Performance is knowledgeable in cycling aerodynamics and extremely reliable and hardworking. The aerodynamic test we did was excellent. Their job ethic will guarantee a job well done

Mikael Eriksson

Founder and Head Coach of Scientific Triathlon

4th in the time trial after recovering from a cold. I can’t thank SpeedEdge Performance enough for their support and expert consultation.

Vanessa Montrichard

4th in the 2022 Junior Time Trial Canadian Championships