Bike Fitting

Work with our experts to achieve the best cycling position for your goals

Bike Fit

Comfort is the goal of proper bike fit whether one is a new rider or an experienced racer. A properly fit bike should be comfortable while providing maximum efficiency, power and safety. A bicycle must be adjusted to meet the specific needs of an individual rider, rather than the rider adjusting to accommodate the bicycle.

Many different modes of bike fit are available, from time trial and triathlon aero-focused bike fits, to sportive/gravel and road race bike fits. Our bike fit service covers aerodynamically focused fits for the time trial, triathlon and road racing, as well as offering services to sportive and gravel riders. 

Indoor bike fit

This indoor bike fitting session is designed to position riders in a stable comfortable position that ensures efficient riding and injury prevention.

Bernardo - Leomo Motion Analysis

SpeedEdge Aero and Equipment Testing

Leomo motion analysis will confirm position stability, and dead spots in advance of a fitting or post a fit to determine the sustainability of a new position or highlight real-world issues prior to a fit session.