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Aerodynamic Tests

IIn several test runs on the road, we analyze the individual biomechanical and aerodynamic properties in order to optimise both the position and your equipment.

Testing with different parts and pieces of equipment is also a possibility and we always have a selection of the fastest equipment on site. Whether an all-inclusive package with preceding BikeFitting in the laboratory, the individual aero fitting or an equipment test: we have suitable offers for all demands. 

Use multiple cycling performance devices to characterise your cycling position and quantify performance improvements. In each aerodynamic performance session, improvements in aerodynamic efficiency of 5-15 % will allow you to ride faster with less effort.

SpeedEdge Aero Testing

Hugo Figueiredo - Tricast

SpeedEdge Aero and Equipment Testing

Premium SpeedEdge Aero Package

Joshua Teasdale - X-Speed United

All Aerodynamic testing packages include:

Test and optimisation of your cycling position;

Improvements in efficiency and provides you with valuable information to rider faster;

A holistic approach to performance looks at the primary factors that influence performance;

Reports, meetings and consultations with experts in cycling performance.

SpeedEdge performance

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