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Provide cycling and triathlon performance consultancy to improve the athlete’s performance and enjoyment in the sport, by applying a scientific approach to cycling performance, with the goal of understanding what makes each athlete faster.

Our team


Bernardo Gonçalves

Mechanical Engineer & UCI Continental Cyclist

Professional Cyclist for 3 years, in 3 different UCI Continental Teams He writes the show notes for That Triathlon Show and also produces social media content for each new episode.

Working with a group of experienced Road and Track cycling coaches, whose large number of riders successfully captured medals and podiums State/Province-wide, Nationally and Internationally.

Reliable, consistent, flexible and verbal communication in different environments. Obtained a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering in the area of Energy and Environment and he is now working with several professional and amateur athletes, applying new ideas to improve cycling and sports performance.

Denise Coach - SpeedEdge Performance

Denise Magnini

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Professional strength & conditioning coach, with 12 years experience in 1-on-1 strength coaching, group fitness classes, and youth team training programs.

Combining her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, major in Microbiology, with a number of diverse coaching credentials, Denise owned and operated CrossFit Opus for 8 years. She continues to provide Strength Coaching and Training Program Development for athletes and those dedicated to a better self.

CrossFit was her introduction to strength training and where she found her passion for competition. Starting with CrossFit competitions (13th in Canada East at 2012 Regionals), a passion for barbell work grew to Powerlifting Meets (2021 Provincial Gold medalist, 2022 National silver medalist), and recently to Track Cycling (2022 National Gold medalist and record holder 500mTT Master B).

She has a passion for developing clients’ strength to further their sport, and life long goals. With strength comes endless possibilities.

Peter Dawson - SpeedEdge Performance Practitioner

Peter Dawson

Cycling Coach and SpeedEdge Performance Practitioner
Peter Dawson is an Australian cycling coach in a small coastal town in Western Australia. 
Peter has a long history of cycling with much success, representing the Australian National Track Team and the Australian U23 National Road Team at many World Championships, Commonwealth Games, and Olympic Games in both disciplines. After the end of his cycling career, Peter moved into the world of coaching and is now working with athletes from all categories, passing his knowledge and experience to each athlete.
He has started collaborating with SpeedEdge Performance to add aerodynamic testing and optimisation to the range of services he can provide.
Pedro Gracias - Nutritionist

Pedro Gracias

Nutritionist & Personal Trainer

Pedro has a Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition from Lisbon School of Health Technologies, having carried out three curricular internships in different areas of nutrition.

Pedro has done a curricular internship in Public and Collective Restoration at the company Narest Lda in Lisbon (2017) and two curricular internships in the area of ​​Clinical Nutrition, one at the Hospital Egas Moniz and Hospital Pulido Valente in Lisbon (2017), and another at the University Hospital Federico II, in Naples – Italy (2018) in the under the Erasmus+ programme.

After his academic training, he carried out a professional internship in access to the Order of Nutritionists at Sporting Clube de Portugal Training Football in Lisbon (2019). It also has several certifications related to the area of ​​Nutrition. Sports: natural bodybuilding, cross training, football, sports combat, and international certification as an anthropometrist ISAK level 1.

He currently provides nutrition services on an individual basis as a Nutritionist registered in the Order of Nutritionists (professional 4183N) and is part of the Specialist Technician course in Physical exercise after work in Coimbra to be able to pre-write physical exercise as a future Personal Trainer.

Coach Marco Carreira

Marco Carreira

Triathlon Coach and SpeedEdge Performance Practitioner
Marco Carreira is a level II triathlon and level I swimming coach who works with the Portuguese triathlon team of Torres Novas. In 2022, he launched his coaching brand and now works with triathlete age groupers and runners.
Marco looks to expand his business and add aerodynamic testing and optimisation to the range of services he can provide with this collaboration with SpeedEdge Performance.
James teagle - SpeedEdge Performance

James Teagle

Triathlon Coach and SpeedEdge Performance Practitioner

James has been coaching endurance sports since 2013, and has been a Scientific Triathlon coach since 2018. James is a professional triathlete, previously focusing on draft-legal racing and representing Great Britain at European and World Cup level, but currently racing on the 70.3 distance very successfully. 

James is from the UK, lives in Cambridge and looks now to add aerodynamic testing and optimisation to the range of services he can provide with this collaboration with SpeedEdge Performance.

André Campos - Coach and SpeedEdge Practitioner

André Campos

Triathlon Coach and SpeedEdge Performance Practitioner

André is the triathlon head coach at Sporting Clube de Portugal and works with a broad range of international athletes from youth to the elite level.

He has had much success as a coach with several medals in Age Group, European Triathlon Championships, Half and full Ironmans, and many athletes that qualified for World Championships, as well as winning many individual national titles.
André is a certified level III triathlon coach, and he look to collaborate with SpeedEdge Performance to add aerodynamic testing and optimisation to the range of services he can provide.


No. You can get access to “one-time” services or develop a more extended collaboration with SpeedEdge.

If you are motivated to achieve a goal or improve performance, then yes, you will benefit immensely. 

Yes, depending on the needs and goals of each individual athletes, we collaborate with each athlete by individualising every aspect of our services from consultation, tests, procedures and costs associated with the collaboration.

If you want to think that you would not benefit from our services, then we are not going to try to convince you otherwise. 

From our perspective though, every person on this planet has biases (some more than others). The best way to counter the negative effects of bias is to have somebody with an outside perspective help guide us take smarter decisions.

Getting our services means being able to work with a world-class team to understand what will make you faster. We will test different options that we think will be a good way to improve performance, and give you a deeper understanding of the considerations we should do for each race.

In our opinion, the sooner you start, the better. While we might not have any significant changes in a short period, we will help you prepare for your next event, and optimise performance with the tools we have available at that moment.

Before even signing up, you will have a no-obligation discovery call with one of our staff to explain how SpeedEdge could help you improve performance.

When you sign up, you will send your information concerning your setup, race goals, motivations, fitness level, so we have a starting point to work from.

You will be added to your coach’s Training Peaks account (you will be prompted to create an account if you don’t have one) where your training plan will reside. 

From that, we will develop a personalised plan of work and testing so we can start learning information concerning your baseline and your primary limitations, and start the process of optimisation right away.

Start your journey to get you performing better than ever

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