Partnering with world-class businesses to bring affordable Aerodynamic gains to the masses. It collaborates with some of the leading companies in the cycling industry to bring you a new perspective on how to improve cycling performance.

SpeedEdge Performance focuses on helping athletes to get faster by presenting a different view on sports performance, applying a holistic approach to improve performance and enjoyment and by increasing the likelihood of success. we apply a scientific approach to performance by being open to new ideas, with the goal of acquiring and developing knowledge.

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Our Services

Aerodynamic Testing Services

Aerodynamic testing gives you a first look at how engineering principles apply in the real world.


By measuring the rider drag we can investigate ways to manipulate airflow and influence the resulting loads with the goal of reduced drag. Performance comes down to Watts (power input of the rider) per coefficient of drag (CdA) and the ability to maintain that power input and aerodynamic position.

Bike Fitting and Motion Analysis

Understand how your motion efficiency and your individual mobility specifications affect your performance!


 A properly fit bike should be comfortable while providing maximum efficiency, power and safety. A bicycle must be adjusted to meet the specific needs of an individual rider, rather than the rider adjusting to accommodate the bicycle.

Event Preparation Programs

Are you aiming for a major competition in the next months?

If you want to optimise your preparation for your next goal event with the implementation of a holistic program to improve your performance and achieve your goals, check our Event Preparation Programs!

Opus Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning develops every area of the body and improve the way a person moves, with the intention of enhancing sporting or physical performance.


Proper strength and conditioning allows an athlete to strengthen supporting muscles, even out muscle imbalances, increase mobility, correct posture, stabilize joints, learn new movement patterns and enhance coordination and peripheral skills.

Nutritional programs

Do you optimise your nutrition and improve your performance and recovery?

Our nutritionist offers individualised nutritional programs and consultations to make you faster, so check out his services

Bernardo Gonçalves

"The human body will adapt to any situation it encounters, but aerodynamics and physics will not."